Concrete Sidewalk Construction

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The contractor you chose has a significant effect on how pleased you are with your new sidewalk or walkway. You'll want to employ a reliable contractor with a lot of experience. Know that the lowest quotation isn't necessarily the best; you can also check at the contractor's references, expertise, equipment efficiency, crew preparation, and business credibility. An excellent concrete sidewalk contractor will assess the type of soil on which the sidewalk will be installed before constructing new concrete. Moisture and temperature variations influence the load-bearing properties and stability of different soils in different ways. Based on his results, the contractor would compact the soil uniformly to create a level subgrade that decreases the likelihood of differential settling of the concrete and cracks development.

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It is possible to pour concrete directly on top of the subgrade for a concrete walkway or sidewalk, it is easier to lay a base layer between the subgrade and the concrete. This provides more consistent support for the concrete and helps to bridge any minor subgrade defects. A foundation is particularly critical in areas that are prone to drought or have long, dry summers. Tree roots can seriously damage sidewalks. Roots growing underneath the pavement will raise one or more concrete slabs, resulting in an uneven and dangerous sidewalk. Trees should be spaced at least twice the sidewalk's width from the edge of the sidewalk; when planted, if you're going to plant trees along a sidewalk or walkway, select deep-rooted trees or small species.

We provide Concrete Sidewalk Repairs.

Crack repair, resurfacing, and leveling are the three most common types of concrete sidewalk and walkway repairs. Water intrusion and the resulting deterioration of the foundation can cause potholes and alligator cracking, which can be avoided with timely crack repairs. The method of cleaning and repairing a severely damaged concrete slab is known as resurfacing. Leveling is the method of elevating concrete to fill a hole formed under the pavement, allowing the slab to settle to a depth lower than the adjacent pavement.

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Our concrete sidewalk pavers, based in Salem, Oregon, is a full-service concrete company. We will assist you with concrete sidewalks and curbs for your apartment complex or signage and car stops for your business' parking lot. We are dedicated to offering high-quality jobs and outstanding customer support at fair prices. Let's talk about the concrete sidewalk price. If you'd like to talk about your upcoming concrete sidewalk project or get an estimate, give us a call now.

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